White Knight Production is a private, independent oil and gas company working to acquire and operate fields with existing oil & gas producing areas.

White Knight's strategic area of focus is conventional oil or gas assets located onshore in the United States. White Knight is committed to safe operations, utilizing the most efficient and effective operations processes, while meeting and exceeding government regulatory requirements. White Knight will never compromise safety or operational integrity in the pursuit of financial savings.

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Our current operations are focused in Jack and Palo Pinto Counties in North Texas.

We believe that attention to the bottom line and leading performance indicators is critical for delivering Best-in-Class performance. We have developed Performance Scorecards and KPIs to help focus our staff and align efforts to optimize our business delivery and insure our success. We continue to build the High Performing Team necessary to achieve our business objectives. Toward this end, we have developed a culture consistent with our Core Values, to attract and retain quality employees.

This strategy facilitated our success with our Fresno, CA project, and will be used as we grow operations in Texas.

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