About Us

About White Knight

White Knight Production LLC is a private, independent oil and gas company headquartered in Lafayette, LA formed in June 2015 to acquire and operate fields with existing production.   White Knight’s strategic area of focus is conventional oil or gas assets located onshore US. White Knight is committed to safe operations, utilizing the most efficient and effective operations processes, while meeting and exceeding government regulatory requirements. White Knight will never compromise safety or operational integrity in the pursuit of financial savings.

Our Operating Priorities

  • Safety
    • Working safely is an expectation of all personnel
    • Build a culture to engage everyone in safe behavior
  • Environment
    • Respect the environment and communities in which we work
  • Compliance
    • Maintain compliance with all regulations and laws
  • Production
    • Optimize production rates to create value
    • Apply relevant technologies to maximize revenue
  • Cost
    • Maximize operating efficiency to control costs